Giving Gap exists to advance racial equity in giving and mobilize positive action for Black lives by connecting people to causes they care about.

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Recently added organizations

1159 South Community Development Corporation

Community & Economic Development, Springfield, OH

1159 South is dedicated to significantly improving the economic conditions of low-income people, housing conditions and appearance of distressed places, and sense of community in south Springfield, Ohio through targeted investments in people and places.

Dorm Fairies

Education, Virginia Beach, VA

Dorm Fairies provides selected students with dorm essentials to lessen their financial burden for college. The goal is to help students have a successful transition to college.

Creative Nomads

Arts & Culture, Baltimore, MD

Creative Nomads uplifts, educates and connects Arts Entrepreneurs, youth and families through art, music, and cultural programming, while advocating for equal access to art for all.

Homeowner Prep

Community & Economic Development, San Diego, CA

Homeowner Prep serves aspiring homeowners, teaching them how to buy and leverage their first home so they can help close the expanding BIPOC homeownership and wealth gaps in America.

Supporting Black-founded nonprofits is an integral piece to advancing racial equity.

Americans give $450 billion to charity each year, but only a tiny fraction of that goes to Black organizations. Our focus is on Black-founded nonprofits because they are the ones most likely to be grounded in the needs of the Black communities, have missions connected to positive action for Black lives, employ Black people, and empower Black leaders, while also being most likely to be systemically underfunded.

We're proud to now help Black-founded nonprofits #CloseTheGivingGap.