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Damascus Outreach Association

Education, Eure, NC

Damascus Outreach Association specializes in the areas of supplemental education and outreach programs for the communities of Gates County, North Carolina.

We Create Tech

Education, Decatur , GA

We Create Tech seeks to increase the number of Black & Brown youth preparing for careers in STEAM fields.

Texas Prisons Community Advocates

Children & Family Services, Fulton, TX

Texas Prisons Community Advocates serves the incarcerated and their families by empowering all through education and creating effective advocates who can bring humane conditions to Texas prisons.

Children of Mweiga

Education, Austin, TX

Children of Mweiga works to transform Mweiga, Kenya into a thriving community of educated and inspired girls and boys, uplifted and successful women and men, and community gardens that bridge the nutritional gap.


Community & Economic Development, Bridgeport, CT

Queendom provides strategic workshops for women and girls in underserved communities and prepares them for personal, career, and economic success.

Build Up

Community & Economic Development, Newtown, CT

Build Up is a fiscal sponsor and capacity builder, providing brave women and BIPOC-led organizations, to support under-resourced and historically invisibilized communities with the needed infrastructure.

South Richmond Adult Day Care Center

Health, Richmond, VA

South Richmond Adult Day Care Center enhances the health and quality of life of older adults and adults with disabilities and their families by providing a therapeutic, supportive and enriching environment.

One World Recovery Network

Health, Hurst, TX

One World Recovery Network provides equitable access and culturally sensitive peer support services for individuals, families, and communities facing substance use and mental health challenges.

Black Alliance of Colleges and Employers

Education, Chicago, IL

Black Alliance of Colleges and Employers promotes, develops and expands equitable pathways for those of African descent on campuses and in the workplace including a focus on HBCUs, and Black military/veterans.

African American Wellness Center for Children & Families

Children & Family Services, San Diego, CA

African American Wellness Center for Children & Families aims to improve healthcare accessibility and quality by addressing systemic barriers and providing vital resources.

The Family One

Children & Family Services, Leesburg, VA

The Family ONE creates and operates programs and events that provide support for local youth, establishing an environment and culture that allow them to find their voice, their path, their purpose.

National Black MBA Association Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter

Clubs & Associations, Dallas, TX

National Black MBA Association Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter equips and mobilizes African American talent in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

MSterious Miracles

Health, Aurora, CO

MSterious Miracles provides resources and assistance for medical needs, mobility equipment, and home retrofitting to those living with Multiple Sclerosis in Colorado.

Darryl Chappell Foundation

Arts & Culture, Washington DC, DC

Darryl Chappell Foundation empowers Afrodescendant artists ("Black Folks") to achieve their highest potential.

Oakland Made Teen Center

Health, Oakland, CA

Oakland Made Teen Center encourages Oakland teenagers to address their mental health by developing mindsets of rational thinking and self-love, enabling them to build a helpful and positive frame of mind in their futures.

African American Heritage Preservation Foundation

Community & Economic Development, Washington, DC

African American Heritage Preservation Foundation engages in activities that include the preservation, maintenance, and awareness of endangered or little-known African American historical sites.

Care Bear Foundation

Criminal Justice, Greensboro , NC

Care Bear Foundation promotes well-being, resilience, restorative justice, and social justice through mental health education, financial literacy, and legal support.

Operation Xcel

Education, Stokesdale, NC

Operation Xcel engages students, parents and the community to increase educational, social, and career skills through academic enrichment, parenting, and advocacy empowerment workshops. We also provide access and tools to technology literacy. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of these children and families.

Hopebound Mental Health

Health, Atlanta, GA

Hopebound works to revolutionize access to mental health and wellness support for young people from historically marginalized communities.

Depressed Black Gay Men

LGBTQIA+, New York, NY

Depressed Black Gay Men is dedicated to recognizing, articulating and highlighting LGBTQIA+ Black and people of color in the African Diaspora and their mental health needs.

Dropped Along the Way

Education, Cherry Hill, NJ

Dropped Along the Way is dedicated to guiding "high school dropouts" on the path to higher education.

Reproductive Justice Action Collective

Health, New Orleans, LA

Reproductive Justice Action Collective empowers marginalized communities in Louisiana by advocating for reproductive justice for Black, trans, and low-income individuals through education, advocacy, and direct support.

Speak With Purpose

Arts & Culture, Renton, WA

Through the power of public speaking, Speak With Purpose empowers students to dismantle dominant narratives, uplift their communities, forge self-authored identities, and become forces for change.

Brown Girls Do

Arts & Culture, Fort Worth, TX

Brown Girls Do increases participation of underrepresented populations in ballet programs through performances, photo exhibitions, and providing resources to assist young girls in ballet training.

A.L. Efficacy Movement

Arts & Culture, Houston, TX

A.L. Efficacy Movement amplifies positive and productive voices from the African Diaspora through live theatre, dance, video streaming and athletics.

African American Society #024

Clubs & Associations, Hamden, CT

African American Society #024 serves the African American community by fostering unity and promoting cultural advancement for transformative impact.

My Life in a Bag Foundation

Children & Family Services, St. Louis, MO

My Life in a Bag Foundation empowers youth residing in foster care and residential group homes by providing luggage and essentials.

Hospitality On Purpose Everyday

Children & Family Services, Magnolia , NJ

Hospitality On Purpose Everyday provides free educational workshops for young adults in three main categories Wealth Management, Leadership Development, and Academic Enrichment.

Los Angeles Chapter of the National Black MBA Association

Education, Los Angeles , CA

Los Angeles Chapter of the National Black MBA Association leads in the creation of educational, wealth building, growth opportunities for Black students, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Kids First Initiative

Education, Auburn Hills, MI

Kids First Initiative uses hands-on activities to teach students social and 21st Century skills.

Building Remembrance for Reconciliation

Arts & Culture, Hastings, MN

Building Remembrance for Reconciliation provides communities with a better understanding of Black history and establishes important steps towards building a better future through a more thorough understanding of the past.

Be Nimble Foundation

Community & Economic Development, Indianapolis, IN

Be Nimble serves Black and Latinx people in their pursuit of economic freedom through capital access, career development, and entrepreneurship programs.

The Lupine Collaborative

Environment, Calabasas, CA

The Lupine Collaborative advances environmental and climate justice by abundantly resourcing Black women, non-binary, and transgender people to dream, ideate, and build toward a liberatory future

Sankofa Roots

Disaster Prevention, Oakland, CA

Sankofa Roots is a land-based learning and healing organization that connects Black, Indigenous and Queer communities with outdoor experiences that build critical skills for climate resilience.

Annie's House Foundation

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Newnan, GA

Annie's House Foundation supports and empowers young people aging out of foster care.

Carter G. Cares

Children & Family Services, Parkville, MD

Carter G. Cares educates, empowers and assists families with children in the NICU and to bring awareness to prematurity and high risk pregnancy.

TEquity in Action

Technology, Newark, NJ

TEquity in Action empowers students of color with coding skills, AI proficiency, and digital literacy, enabling them to make a positive impact in their communities through technology.

The Women's Coalition for Empowerment

Arts & Culture, Harrisburg, PA

The Women’s Coalition for Empowerment is dedicated to educating, uniting, and empowering creatives.

Art in the Park

Arts & Culture, New York, NY

Art in the Park activates open spaces in under-represented Harlem communities, to expose youth to arts and culture, S.T.E.A.M., health and community initiatives, and help combat mental and physical disparities.

Better Brothers Los Angeles

LGBTQIA+, Los Angeles, CA

Better Brothers Los Angeles creates safe spaces to educate, inspire, and connect the Black LGBTQ+ community to overcome the challenges of stigma and homophobia.

Arts Administrators of Color Network

Arts & Culture, Washington, DC

Arts Administrators of Color Network is a support network that harnesses the power of people of the global majority in the arts to connect and expand BIPOC leadership across the U. S. creative sector.


Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Beltsville, MD

Forward exists to equip the under served community through career development, outreach, and youth mentor-ship. We seek to break down barriers that hinders growth for disadvantaged youth, and the homeless population.


Health, Houston, TX

LifeLung raises lung disease and lung health awareness through education, research, prevention, and support to create more healthy, active, longer lives.

Shirley Proctor Puller Foundation

Education, St. Petersburg, FL

Shirley Proctor Puller Foundation advances reading, math, and science literacy, helping to close the achievement gap for Black/multi-race children in the St. Petersburg, Florida community.

The Garden Club Project

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Blacklick, OH

The Garden Club Project helps end hunger and encourage kids to eat healthier.

APGA Advocates Foundation

Athletics, Los Angeles, CA

The APGA Foundation empowers youth through mental/physical well-being, fostering golf diversity, and offering impactful events for lifelong skills.


Arts & Culture, Atlanta, GA

ChopArt supportsd teens experiencing homelessness through multidisciplinary arts programming. Their programs provide trauma reduction and risk intervention to help promote resiliency, community, and wellness.

Biz Markie's Just A Friend Foundation

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Lanham, MD

The Biz Markie's Just A Friend Foundation provides support and resources to families in or at risk of entering the foster care system and those experiencing food deprivation.

The Alumni Initiative

Education, Philadelphia , PA

The Alumni Initiative provides access to quality education for underprivileged children in grades Pk-12 by providing them with scholarships and educational resources.

Help for Healthcare Professionals

Community & Economic Development, Lawrenceville, GA

Help for Healthcare Professionals tackles workforce challenges in Georgia supporting both aspiring and practicing healthcare professionals.

Ebony’s Entrepreneurship Learning Academy

Community & Economic Development, Lafayette, LA

Ebony’s Beauty Entrepreneurship Learning Academy delivers experience-based entrepreneurship programs to youth and adults that helps them transform their ideas into tangible enterprises.

Rosemary's Babies

Children & Family Services, Cincinnati, OH

Rosemary's Babies help teen parents master the concepts of self-leadership to leave a legacy. We provide supportive housing, resources, wellness, and education for teen moms and dads (9-19).

Urban Youth Conservation

Criminal Justice, Minneapolis, MN

Urban Youth Conservation exists to save and transform the lives of urban youth. We primarily work with incarcerated and or group related youth and help them look for better paths.

Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Easley, SC

Tracy and Sunshine Gantt Ministries provides assistance, resources, tangible items, food and shelter to individuals who are less fortunate, poverty-stricken or homeless.

Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Programs

Education, New Haven, CT

Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Programs change the lives of under-represented college-bound students to empower, encourage, and equip them to obtain a post-secondary education.

Institute of Trauma and Economic Justice

Community & Economic Development, Pontiac, MI

ITEJ aims to disrupt generational trauma in communities one county at a time by bringing together community resources, uplifting those most affected by trauma, and eliminating barriers to wellness.

Equity Endowment

Community & Economic Development, Crofton, MD

Equity Endowment works to close the racial wealth gap by investing in minority led investment funds and businesses.

Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund

Community & Economic Development, Atlanta, GA

The GRO Fund builds bold, evidence-based and community-driven solutions to narrow the racial wealth gap by providing an income floor to Black women and investable sums to Black youth.

Black Education For New Orleans (BE NOLA)

Education, New Orleans, LA

BE NOLA supports Black educators and schools to ensure an education that creates better outcomes and opportunities for Black children in New Orleans as a critical factor in building a thriving Black community.


Education, New Orleans, LA

Maroon provides training and equity solutions to small business and education leaders in New Orleans.

African American Roundtable

Community & Economic Development, Milwaukee, WI

The African American Roundtable organizes, nurtures, and transforms Black leaders to build power in service of Black liberation.

Bethel's Global Reach

Global, Houston, TX

Bethel's Global Reach is a global missions organization with local initiatives focused on strengthening youth to be productive citizens and future missionaries.

Feed Black Futures

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Oakland , CA

Feed Black Futures is the only Black-, Queer-, women-led organization in California investing in Black food economies and supporting prison-impacted Black mamas and caregivers in attaining food sovereignty.

HBCU Library Alliance

Arts & Culture, McDonough, GA

HBCU Library Alliance strengthens the libraries at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, by advancing the preservation of Black history and culture, increasing librarian professional development, and by expanding archival projects and access to resources. They work to ensure the libraries continue to be valuable resources for generations to come.

Hued Songs

Arts & Culture, Miramar, FL

Hued Songs produces multidisciplinary performances across South Florida that amplify Black joy, Black creativity, and Black Belonging.

The Black School

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, New Orleans, LA

The Black School is a Black-Centered experimental art school teaching BIPoC and ally students to be agents of change through art and design programming based in radical African diasporic histories.

African Connections Research and Education Fund, Inc.

Education, Rutherfordton, NC

The AFRICAN CONNECTIONS Research and Education Fund was created in direct response to the numerous distortions, half-truths and omissions seen almost daily in the popular media regarding Africa, her people and the African Diaspora. Our principal mission is to illuminate, to educate and to provide a balanced viewpoint that celebrates genuine achievement and service to humanity. In telling these important stories, we will focus as well upon the physical, cultural, religious, intellectual, political, economic and geographic diversities of the continent and of the African Diaspora.

Black Connect

Community & Economic Development, Wesley Chapel, FL

Black Connect is dedicated to eliminating the racial wealth gap in America by increasing the number and success rate of Black-owned businesses.

Raymond K. Jones Foundation

Community & Economic Development, Indianapolis , IN

The Raymond K. Jones Foundation provides support and resources to families impacted by gun violence. We provide bereavement assistance, grants and grief support.

Happy Mama Happy Mini

Violence Prevention, Atlanta, GA

Happy Mama Happi Mini offers a network and community based environment for a healthy, happy mama so that she can be strong mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for a healthy and happy mini.

Center for Black Educator Development

Education, Elkins Park, PA

The Center for Black Educator Development addresses the national educational crisis by increasing the number of Black teachers in public, district and charter schools and promoting anti-discriminatory, culturally-responsive educational practices.

City Of Refuge Resettlement

Violence Prevention, Peoria , AZ

City of Refuge Resettlement is dedicated to serving battered women in Egypt and around the world with mercy and compassion since 2019.

Manhood Camp

Children & Family Services, LOS ANGELES, CA

Manhood Camp was founded with the expressed goal of offering young men useful strategies to safely navigate into manhood.

Monarch Economic Development Corporation

Community & Economic Development, Bakersfield, CA

Monarch Economic Development Corporation develops and operates transportation related programs and projects that benefit underrepresented groups and communities.

Legacy Builders

Arts & Culture, Gastonia, NC

Legacy Builders empowers youth and young adults from economically disadvantaged communities with the education and hands on experience that will afford them the opportunity to follow a career path in the music, arts and entertainment industry. By Incorporating career training, mental health care and nutritional education, we empower our scholars with the comprehensive life and career skills, essential for their success

E3 Foundation (Educate, Empower, Elevate)

Education, Charleston, SC

E3 Foundation ensures those most impacted by inequities are educated, empowered and elevated to exercise their collective agency in the South.

Freedmen Heirs Foundation

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Germantown, MD

Freedmen Heirs Foundation bridges the gap between Black farmers and the marketplace in the agriculture sector.

Women at the Well-Broward

Criminal Justice, DEERFIELD BEACH, FL

The Women at the Well-Broward teaches teen girls positive life skills and provides tools for college and career readiness and aids returning citizens back into the community while reducing prison recidivism and improving public safety.

Rooted Friends Project

Community & Economic Development, El Segungo , CA

Rooted Friends Project enrichs the lives of underrepresented children through access to career services, sports and fitness, nutrition, the arts, childcare, mental health, cultural development, outreach, and inclusivity. Our vision is to build thriving communities, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Onyx Black Wealth Collective

Community & Economic Development, Cambridge, MA

Onyx is a multigenerational membership community for Black people who are committed to achieving higher levels of financial freedom for their families, the broader community, and future generations.

Black Infinity Collective

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Hamden, CT

Black Infinity Collective is a freedom fighting, movement-building organization dedicated to healing and liberation for all Black people.

Solidariedade Na Mokili

Community & Economic Development, Texas, TX

Solidariedade Na Mokili aims to create a world where everyone has a fair chance at a better future. Our mission is to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice.

Lifting Minorities

Education, Glen Allen, VA

Lifting Minorities' propels students of color into higher education and the workforce.

Eden Gardens Community Association

Community & Economic Development, Detroit, MI

Eden Gardens Community Association brings together residents to promote a greater sense of cooperation among each other, to receive funding for community improvements, and to help foster a sense of pride in our neighborhood.

Daughters Beyond Incarceration

Children & Family Services, New Orleans, LA

Daughters Beyond Incarceration uplifts and empowers Black girls affected by parental incarceration. We are committed to break down barriers and cultivating a brighter future for these young girls, ages 8 to 18.

Gr8tiam Mississppi

Community & Economic Development, Richland, MS

Gr8tiam Mississippi provides multiple programs that assist individuals, communities, providers, and other nonprofit organizations with essential resources to expand and improve the course of their lives, operations, or general well-being.

Josie's Closet

Children & Family Services, Burtonsville, MD

Josie's Closet positively impacts children in low-income or homeless situations experiencing clothing insecurity. Lack of appropriate clothing can lead to social stigma, bullying, and low self-esteem which can ultimately have negative impact on academic success and overall well-being.

Laptops 4 Learning

Technology, Phoenix, AZ

Laptops 4 Learning's helps close the digital technology divide that exists for students from low to moderate income families by making laptops available at an affordable cost or free.

A Galvanized Innovative Approach to Leading Excellence Planning Solutions

Violence Prevention, Baton Rouge, LA

AGILE Planning Solutions manages the Baton Rouge Community Street Team, a community violence reduction program in zip codes 70802 and 70805 that employs violence interrupters to intervene/prevent violent conflicts.

Breaking Barriers, Catching Hope

Children & Family Services, Raleigh, NC

Breaking Barriers, Catching Hope creates sustainable programs that empower community members with the life skills needed to make healthy and lasting changes in their own lives.

Jion Academy

Education, Oakland, CA

Jion Academy is an education program for girls and teens focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and self-confidence. We also have a scholarship and internship program for girls who graduate the program and commit to a collegiate path.

Community Food Bank

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Fort Worth, TX

Community Food Bank fights hunger and poverty with fresh and frozen meats, produce, dairy and dry food, education, programs and resources to families in a dignified, personal, and timely manner without zip code restrictions.

1st Step Male Diversion Program

Criminal Justice, Tulsa, OK

1st Step Male Diversion Program aims to stop the school to prison pipeline in Oklahoma for young men by providing necessary survival skills and services, facilitating the need for career opportunities and instilling positive behavior change for lifetime success.

Melanin Minds Matter

Children & Family Services, Houston, TX

Melanin Minds Matter is a mental health and wellness program that targets adolescent minority girls in elementary, middle and high school from a holistic approach.

Through Evely's Eyes

Children & Family Services, Simpsonville, SC

Through Evely's Eyes empowers and assists families with children facing rare medical conditions, providing comfort, guidance, and practical assistance in their unique journeys.

Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates

Environment, San Francisco, CA

Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates combine community organizing with education, advocacy, and direct services, building power for social change.

Desert Star Institute for Family Planning

Health, Phoenix , AZ

Desert Star Institute for Family Planning creates equitable access to reproductive health care for womb bearing people while centering Black and Indigenous People of Color.

Braided Seeds

Environment, Tukwila, WA

Braided Seeds provides opportunities for rest, restoration and repair through connection with the land for communities of color.

Homeowner Prep

Community & Economic Development, San Diego, CA

Homeowner Prep serves aspiring homeowners, teaching them how to buy and leverage their first home so they can help close the expanding BIPOC homeownership and wealth gaps in America.

Mentoring Brother 2 Brother

Children & Family Services, Duncanville, TX

Mentoring Brother 2 Brother inspires and empowers at-risk African American male youth from single female headed households.

Kids Sew Genius Foundation

Children & Family Services, Decatur, GA

Kids Sew Genius Foundation empowers at-risk youth in marginalized areas to empower themselves, introducing them to different skills, trades, and opportunities that teach them how to pivot out of poverty.

Resolve Solutions

Education, Alexandria, VA

Resolve Solutions builds future global leaders who want to start careers through military/civil service by earning ROTC scholarships and service academy appointments, improving college retention and graduation rates.

Led by TRUTH

Community & Economic Development, Minneapolis, MN

Led by TRUTH's mission is to foster a safe space for Founders of Color to be their own catalyst to turn their dreams into reality.


Education, Concord, NC

Backspinz Music Academy provides accessible and affordable music education to young creatives, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue their passion for music and thrive in the industry.

Do The Write Thing Foundation of DC

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Washington , DC

Do The Write Thing Foundation of DC provides after-school programs for all students. We promote programs that pay youth, establish student government associations and media centers.

Communities United

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Baltimore, MD

Communities United organizes low-income Maryland residents by providing political education that leads members toward ending racism, poverty, trauma, addiction, and criminalization.

African American Christian Foundation

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Oak Park, IL

The African American Christian Foundation helps to eradicate poverty and homelessness in low-income residents by enabling them to acquire work-force skills while actively fostering their economic opportunities and communal stability.

Black Long Term Care Executives

Education, Saint Albans, NY

Black Long Term Care Executives creates opportunities in the health care field where Black/brown high schoolers and professionals can gain the education, job training, and career advancement strategies.

Black Podcasting Awards

Arts & Culture, New York, NY

Black Podcasting Awards (BPAwards) celebrates, spotlights, and bolsters Black podcasts for more wins and successes. We primarily do that by producing an annual awards program and ceremony.

Creative Nomads

Arts & Culture, Baltimore, MD

Creative Nomads uplifts, educates and connects Arts Entrepreneurs, youth and families through art, music, and cultural programming, while advocating for equal access to art for all.

A Sip of Paradise

Health, Atlanta, GA

A Sip of Paradise provides horticultural therapy, employment resources, and health and wellness programs for bartenders and the greater hospitality community to recharge their minds, bodies and spirits.

Umi Feeds

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Loganville, GA

Umi Feeds is a food rescue organization dedicated to serving the hungry and homeless healthy and nutritious meals.

Step Ahead Scholars

Education, Sandy Springs, GA

Step Ahead Scholars supports students by introducing them to college access and success strategies that cultivate best fit college experiences that lead to economic wellbeing.

The BUCK Squad

Violence Prevention, Charlottesville, VA

The BUCK Squad reduces gun-related violence in the Charlottesville, VA community through violence interruption and target its roots for extinguishment via community partner education programs.

HomeFree USA

Education, Landover, MD

HomeFree USA's Center for Financial Advancement fills the financial literacy gap for low-income, first-generation, students of color at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Sow Community Development Corporation

Community & Economic Development, Chicago, IL

Sow Community Development Corporation (Sow CDC) implements a targeted approach to rebuilding the Black community one block at a time. Through our Block-by-Block Revitalization Initiative we strengthen communities by abating the housing issues of slum and blight created by vacant lots and abandoned properties.

Innovation For Equity

Education, Washington, DC

Innovation For Equity (IFE) connects and cultivates Black leaders across the education ecosystem to build collective power and scale innovative solutions for Black learners of all ages.

Voices for a Second Chance

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Washington, DC

Voices for a Second Chance provides services that ensure the successful connection of justice-involved individuals to family, community, and resources.

1159 South Community Development Corporation

Community & Economic Development, Springfield, OH

1159 South is dedicated to significantly improving the economic conditions of low-income people, housing conditions and appearance of distressed places, and sense of community in south Springfield, Ohio through targeted investments in people and places.

Restored Hope

Children & Family Services, Chicago, IL

Restored Hope meets the mental health needs of women and girls using mindfulness based programs and resources.

Foundation for Advancement of Haitian Midwives

Health, New York, NY

Foundation for Advancement of Haitian Midwives promotes midwifery in Haiti, where there are high rates of maternal and infant mortality.

Revolution Aquatics

Athletics, Compton, CA

Revolution Aquatics brings quality aquatic sports instruction to the young athletes in Compton, South Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Revolution Aquatics specializes in competitive Swimming, Diving, Waterpolo, and Surfing.

STEM Future Foundation

Education, Oakland, CA

STEM Future Foundation provides underserved children access to high-quality education in the fields of STEM.

JustLiving Advocacy

Children & Family Services, Columbia, MD, MD

JustLiving Advocacy improves the quality of life for impoverished families with sustainable resources, to become economically self-sufficient, improve health and educational outcomes for themselves and their children.

California Black Health Network

Health, Sacramento, CA

California Black Health Network conducts outreach, education, and advocacy to achieve health equity for Black Californians .

Recovery Café DC

Health, Washington, DC, DC

Recovery Café DC is a healing, transformative recovery community for all who have been traumatized by addiction and other mental health challenges, homelessness and incarceration.

Huntsville Community Drumline

Arts & Culture, Huntsville, AL

Huntsville Community Drumline is a tuition-free percussion instruction/music production initiative serving students in grades 1-12, senior adults, retirees and individuals with developmental delays.

Dorm Fairies

Education, Virginia Beach, VA

Dorm Fairies provides selected students with dorm essentials to lessen their financial burden for college. The goal is to help students have a successful transition to college.

The Town Project

Education, Oakland, CA

The Town Project is dedicated to creating a just and equitable society by providing restorative justice training and conflict mediation services to schools, universities and youth based organizations.

Universal Love ENT

Arts & Culture, Cleveland Heights, OH

Universal Love ENT educates, informs and enlightens the youth focusing on development and arts-education. We use arts and leadership programs to foster growth, confidence, and positive change.

Beyond Expectations

Education, Trenton, NJ

Beyond Expectations provides marketable life skills through media education, the arts and youth entrepreneurship.

Alta Community

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Los Angeles, CA

Alta Community empowers communities through food by focusing on vocational training; meals for the community; and community building.

Desert Soul Media

Media, Phoenix, AZ

Desert Soul Media bridges the digital divide between underrepresented populations and the digital media arts industry.

My Serenity Sanctuary

Health, Beverly Hills, CA

My Serenity Sanctuary aims to advocate and support the self-care and well-being of Black women and girls everywhere through our unique programs, services, and resources.

In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Washington, DC

In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda amplifies and lifts up the voices of Black women leaders at the national and state levels in our ongoing fight to secure Reproductive Justice for all women and girls.

African Diaspora Art Museum of Atlanta

Arts & Culture, Atlanta, GA

ADAMA showcases contemporary art and culture of the African Diaspora. We amplify the voices of people of African decent with immersive experiences, shared learning, and intentional points of connection.

Life is an 8 Count!

Arts & Culture, Mableton, GA

Life is an 8 Count! uses dance as a platform to educate, empower, encourage and increase mental health awareness and mindfulness skills in youth in the South Cobb community.

Nancy Davis Foundation

Children & Family Services, Baton Rouge, LA

The Nancy Davis Foundation assists individuals who have experienced trauma as a result of a developmental defect during pregnancy.


Arts & Culture, Los Angeles, CA

AzizProject brings art programs to underserved youth in Los Angeles

Tech Exposure & Access Through Mentoring

Careers, Oakland, CA

TEAM empowers students using their passion for sports to build new STEM skills and expand opportunities for their futures.

Thurman Perry Foundation

Criminal Justice, Covington, LA

The Thurman Perry Foundation aims to offer housing relief, healthcare resources, and educational grants to at least 10,000 women and girls impacted by incarceration nationwide by the year 2030.

Rise Above Defeat

Violence Prevention, Corona, CA

Rise Above Defeat offers programs for teens and adults ages 12 and up, who battle with emotional and behavioral challenges. We provide Christian life coaching/ counseling remotely and in person to those in impoverished communities.

J3 Foundation

Education, Los Angeles, CA

J3 Foundation’s free reading programs help low-income students of color develop positive self-images, achieve critical educational milestones and become productive members of their communities.

Information Technology Senior Management Forum

Technology, Atlanta, GA

The Information Technology Senior Management Forum increases the representation of Black professionals at senior levels in technology, to impact organizational innovation and growth.


Children & Family Services, Waldorf, MD

Push4Greatness empowers young men ages 7-20 with necessary life skills to be effective leaders in their families, schools and communities.

Reality Check Mentoring

Clubs & Associations, Temple Hills, MD

Reality Check Mentoring encourages personal growth in young males of color, through mentoring focused on life skills, social and cultural awareness, conflict resolution, and critical thinking.

Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association

Community & Economic Development, New Orleans, LA

The Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Associaiton creates and preserves homeownership and the resident-driven revitalization of the historic Lower 9th Ward community.


Arts & Culture, Santee, CA

Grioneers ​activates and engages futurist communities by liberating inclusive creative and intellectual power, and connecting individuals to shape a more equitable and humane future.

Rev. James and Betty Bush Family Foundation

Community & Economic Development, Miami, FL

The Rev. James and Betty Bush Family Foundation collaborated with community partners and globally impact social issues through advocacy and civic engagement.

Black Catholic Messenger Foundation

Media, San Francisco, CA

Black Catholic Messenger is a digital media publication covering stories of interest to the nation's 3 million African-American Catholics.

Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies

Education, Oakland, CA

Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies enriches our community and world with enlightenment studies from the spiritual, martial, and mental wellness arts.

William H. Douglas Foundation

Education, Los Angeles, CA

The William H. Douglas Foundation empowers African American students to achieve academic goals with customized educational programs that align scholars with the right post-secondary institution no matter what their parent's income.

The Olevia Community Development Corporation

Education, Houston, TX

The Olevia Community Development Corporation provides literacy education to both the young and the young at heart. We are driven by the motto: Teach a person to read, and they will flourish for life!

John & JeJuan Stewart Jr. Foundation

Education, Snellville , GA

The John & JeJuan Stewart Jr. Foundation empowers young people as change-makers and leaders by providing STEAM-focused service-learning opportunities; instilling in them civic responsibility and social consciousness.

Hope for Tomorrow Community Development Center

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, St. Louis, MO

Hope for Tomorrow Community Development Center empowers at-risk children, youth, and their families with programs that foster positive structures in their lives and promote civic responsibility in the future. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, and we strive to provide them with the guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Global Hand

Education, Chicago, IL

Global Hand works through charitable programs and services to establish conditions that help eliminate poverty and promote well-being and enhance the quality of life.

Our Voice Nuestra Voz

Education, New Orleans, LA

Our Voice Nuestra Voice is a nation-building organization anchoring ancestry while building Black and Brown solidarity in New Orleans.

Sons Touch Community Service

Community & Economic Development, Chesapeake, VA

Sons Touch Community Service provides the basic essentials of life such as food, clothes, education, job preparedness; and crime prevention.

BUD's Foundation/ Bikers United to Defend Driving Safely

Community & Economic Development, Wilson, NC

BUD's Foundation is an education and support organization that educates the public to be more aware of community-at-large issues, motorcyclists and motorists on the road and also educates safety on the roads and communities.

Boys2Men & Girls2Win

Children & Family Services, Morrow, GA

B2M & G2W is designed to be a safe haven for youth who need a listening ear, and constructive feedback in the midst of crisis or developmental challenges.

Black School Psychologists Network

Education, Atlanta, GA

Black School Psychologists Network supports, elevates, and advances the work of Black school psychologists.

Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center

Children & Family Services, Tacoma, WA

Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center provides culturally relevant support services to children and families and to uplift and empower our community in Pierce County Washington.

The Huge Heart Foundation

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Sunrise , FL

Huge Heart Foundation provides a permanent, safe and stable living space with mental health support services for seniors and veterans suffering from severe and persistent mental illness.

BU Wellness Network

Health, Indianapolis, IN

BU Wellness Network enhances the health and wellness of the Black communities in Indiana thru HIV prevention and support services for people living with HIV and nutrition for all.

Hack the Hood

Technology, Oakland, CA

Hack the hood provides Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and AAPI youth with tech skill-building programs and career navigation support that are grounded in justice and support economic development and growth.


Community & Economic Development, New York, NY

SoHarlem is a placed-based Cultural Industries Incubator dedicated to creativity and economic development to address racial inequities and ensure a vibrant future for our local community.

The New 3Rs

Education, New York, NY

New 3Rs students are the youngest racial justice philanthropists awarding grants to Black founded organizations. We are an online program teaching Black History, CRT and Responsive Philanthropy.


Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Austin, TX

Measure provides free data and evaluation support to BIPOC-led organizations. We use data to mobilize communities and create social change.

Building Audacity

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Lynn, MA

Building Audacity teaches youth how to grow hydroponically and how to start agriculture tech businesses. The food grown via our hydroponic center is then delivered to over 700 families in the Greater Boston area.

Hebni Nutrition Consultants

Health, Orlando, FL

Hebni provides nutrition programs and services that empower and educate underserved and minority communities.

KinderSmile Foundation

Health, Bloomfield, NJ

KinderSmile Foundation provides underserved children with access to comprehensive dental care and educate children and their families on the importance of dental hygiene.

Digital Vibez

Health, West Palm Beach, FL

Digital Vibez empowers youth in underserved and diverse communities through dance fitness, technology, and the arts.

Colorado Men of Color Collaborative

Community & Economic Development, Centennial, CO

Colorado Men of Color Collaborative supports the development of men by increasing social mobility, social emotional well-being, and career advancement.

Hope Gain Center of West Michigan

Community & Economic Development, Grand Rapids, MI

Hope Gain Center of West Michigan increases the ability of those who live with mental illness to get and keep long-lasting careers by connecting them with remote opportunities.

Deconstructing the Mental Health System

Health, Renton, WA

DMHS increases access to culturally sensitive and relevant mental health and wellness services, through initiatives such as our Free Therapy and Wellness program.

Bean Path

Technology, Jackson, MS

Bean Path promotes tech literacy in order to bridge the digital divide and encourage innovation. Our mission to further local economic mobility has enabled us to impact over 1,000 individuals and organizations through outstanding programs.

Look Listen and Learn TV

Arts & Culture, Tukwila, WA

Look, Listen and Learn advances early learning in children of color through media and television. Our programming is rooted in brain development research, racial equity, and radical joy

The Baroness Consortium

Community & Economic Development, Voorhees, NJ

The Baroness Consortium empowers women by supporting their efforts to start or scale a small business.

Protecting Chrysalis

Children & Family Services, Patchogue, NY

Protecting Chrysalis is dedicated to breaking the cycle of systemic inequalities that contribute to intergenerational incarceration and the disintegration of families due to parental incarceration.

Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation

Community & Economic Development, Richmond, VA

Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation uses a holistic approach to create viable, thriving and sustainable communities through residential and commercial development, homeownership education and counseling, financial counseling and coaching, employment services, and supportive programs to low-income families throughout the Central Virginia region.


Arts & Culture, Dallas, TX

#TeenWritersProject provides a collaborative and engaging, safe space for teens to write, be published, and get hired.

Fountain Heights Farms

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Birmingham, AL

Fountain Heights Farms improves the quality of life for residents of the historic Fountain Heights community of Birmingham, Alabama by meeting community needs for healthy, culturally appropriate, fresh foods through urban farming initiatives.

Imagine This Women's Film Festival

Arts & Culture, Monroe, NY

Imagine This Women's Film Festival is a NYC-based film festival that aims to amplify and empower independent and aspiring women and non-binary filmmakers from around the world. Imagine This goal is to support women by sharing their work with the public, promoting equal opportunities for BIPOC women and the LGBTQIA+ community while providing educational and professional development, and serving as a resource information network.

Reck League

Violence Prevention, Virginia Beach, VA

Reck League creates and implements programming for students from underperforming schools and those within known gang and gun conflict zones. Our programs serve those (ages 7-19), who need skill building and are most susceptible to systematic low-income issues. We employ an innovative approach to combat those issues; with our T.R.A.I.N (Targeted Redirection of Anger Issues in Neighborhoods) initiative and skill building initiatives.

My Roots Are Rich

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Milpitas , CA

My Roots Are Rich is a social justice nonprofit that aims to fight systemic racism in the education system. We bring light to the rich history of people of African descent, which is often times left out of the textbooks. By being the narrative of change we will educate all people in how they view those of different cultures.


Children & Family Services, Lanham, MD

Jaiyeroof improves the quality of life for people in underserved communities across the African diaspora both in the US and abroad.

Nursing CAP

Education, Suffolk, VA

Nursing CAP is dedicated to introducing minority, first generation college, and economically disadvantaged students to the fields of nursing, STEM, and healthcare careers.

Minority & Veteran Farmers of the Piedmont

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Rapidan, VA

The Minority and Veteran Farmers of the Piedmont is a grassroots organization established to develop educational and experiential learning opportunities through hands-on instruction. We function to promote training, coaching, and mentorships for minorities, veterans, farmers, and youth both urban and rural.

The Kansas City Defender

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Kansas City, MO

The Kansas City Defender is a radical digital news source, grounded in an activist and abolitionist framework, producing information and programs for the social, economic, cultural and political uplift of Black people.

Grandmothers' Village Project

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Randolph, MA

The Grandmothers Village Project upholds respect, honor, and care for our Elders, centering on our Grandmothers by providing living spaces for a growing community of like-minded, spirit-centered, and health-minded Elders.

Happily Natural Day

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Richmond, VA

Happily Natural Day is an afrikan summer festival dedicated to holistic health, cultural awareness and social change.

OurSpace World

Environment, Bowie, MD

OurSpace helps systematically disadvantaged farmers, builders, healers and educators attain sovereignty and sustainability.

Tidewater African Cultural Alliance

Arts & Culture, Virginia Beach, VA

TACA strives to unite the greater Tidewater community through community service and community outreach, as well as cultural arts, educational programs, and events.

Mother’s Outreach Network

Gender Equity, Washington, DC

Mother’s Outreach Network is a racial justice and antipoverty organization that supports Black mothers in advancing Black family preservation, economic security, and racial justice by transforming government income and child welfare laws, policies, and practices from punitive to empowering.

Connect to Greatness

Education, Boynton Beach, FL

Connect to Greatness empowers and inspires African American/Black boys to be changemakers in the world while also supporting parents to be leaders.

Helping Empower Youth

Education, Atlanta, GA

HEY! Helping Empower Youth is a youth leadership development program in Metro Atlanta that provides an opportunity to inspire, motivate and mobilize young people to take action that changes their world.

Parle Endeavors

Media, Brooklyn, NY

Parle Endeavors empowers young adults and supports youth development through mentorship, scholarships, grants, exposure, and experience. We provide opportunities for supporting youth in the arts, media, journalism, entrepreneurship, and related fields.

West Jupiter Community Group

Education, Jupiter, FL

West Jupiter Community Group provides after school, spring break, and summer camp services for more than 125 elementary and middle-school-aged students. Its tutorial center fosters educational achievement, positive self-esteem, and character development in a supportive and safe environment so that young people can flourish and grow to their fullest potential.

The MV3 Foundation

Health, Carmichael, CA

The MV3 Foundation provides Black undergraduates interested in health and biomedical sciences with the tools and supportive community needed to recognize the power of their individual stories, experiences, and interests.


Community & Economic Development, Atlanta, GA

Xceleader connects emerging leaders from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to ladders of power through leadership development and mentorship; while emphasizing the importance of creating positive social impact on campus and in the Black community.

Greater Birmingham Ministries

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Birmingham, AL

Greater Birmingham Ministries is a multi-faith, multi-racial organization that provides emergency services for people in need and engages the poor and the non-poor in systemic change efforts to build a strong, supportive, engaged community and pursue a more just society for all people.

Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County

Criminal Justice, Arlington, VA

OAR seeks to confront and dismantle racism in the legal system by supporting individuals returning from incarceration and their families. OAR also offers alternative sentencing options (including community service) and diversion programs so people can avoid the trauma of incarceration and instead help the community thrive.

Maryland Reentry Resource Center

Community & Economic Development, Odenton, MD

Maryland Reentry Resource Center seeks to reduce Maryland’s recidivism rate by providing the support and direction needed to obtain vital services post-incarceration.

Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria

Education, Alexandria, VA

Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria empowers a comprehensive community wide effort to address the issues of equity in education, social justice and health. Today, that includes addressing COVID 19.

Community Dreams Foundation

Community & Economic Development, Sebring, FL

Community Dreams Foundation uses cutting edge technology to provide access to resources for energy efficient and clean energy projects in underserved communities.

Girls For A Change

Education, Richmond, VA

Girls For A Change is a youth development organization aimed at empowering Black girls in Central Virginia. Our mission is to prepare Black girls for the world and the world for Black girls.

The JXN Project

Community & Economic Development, Richmond, VA

The JXN Project, also known as JXN, is a research-based reparative historic preservation organization dedicated to driving restorative truth telling and redemptive storytelling by capturing the pivotal role of Richmond, Virginia, in particular Jackson Ward, and recontextualizing its origin story as the nation’s first historically registered Black urban neighborhood.

Black Women's Business Collective

Community & Economic Development, Albany, NY

The Black Women's Business Collective is a membership community for Black women entrepreneurs and career professionals to access networks, gain knowledge, and grow in their personal and professional lives through collaboration, networking, shared resources, events, retreats, and wellness spaces.

St. Luke Legacy Center Foundation

Children & Family Services, Richmond, VA

St. Luke Legacy Center Foundation equips the community with tools and resources from a holistic wraparound approach that meets the needs of minorities from birth to death.

South Richmond Adult Day Care Center

Health, Richmond, VA

South Richmond Adult Day Care Center enhances the health and quality of life of older adults and adults with disabilities and their families by providing a therapeutic, supportive and enriching environment.

Aspire Of Life Corporation

Community & Economic Development, Omaha, NE

Aspire of Life Corporation helps people experiencing homelessness by providing healthy meals, clothes, hygiene supplies, job skill and employment opportunities.


Health, Missouri City, TX

SurviveHER™ is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inform, inspire and empower a community of breast cancer SurviveHERs and supporters.

Platinum Minds

Education, Chester, NJ

Platinum Minds assists academically motivated young men with achieving their full academic potential and becoming leaders in their communities to effect positive change.

Stonecrest Citizens Coalition

Community & Economic Development, Stonecrest, GA

Stonecrest Citizens Coalition improves the quality of life and prosperity for Stonecrest residents, business owners and other stakeholders through education, advocacy and action.

The Chris Tucker Foundation

Benefactors, Stockbridge, GA

The Chris Tucker Foundation is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of youth and families by funding innovative initiatives and life-changing programs.

The Facts Initiative

Children & Family Services, Charlotte , NC

The FACTS Initiative provides professional mental health treatment and quality care to children and families in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

Be Great Together

Education, Kansas City, MO

BeGreat Together ventures to fund and support the development of minority public school programs and initiatives. BeGreat also promotes and brings exposure to Black and Latino changemaker stories and efforts with proven impact on communities. Ultimately, we promote and build positive cultural movements benefitting the whole of our society.

Beacon House

Education, Washington, DC

Beacon House’s mission is to promote the academic advancement and personal growth of children in Northeast Washington, DC’s Edgewood neighborhood.

Raising Men Lawn Care

Community & Economic Development, Madison, AL

Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service provides free lawn care to elders, disabled, single parents, and veterans while inspiring youth.

SHARE Community

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Brentwood, CA

SHARE Community shares hope, abundance, resources and encouragement with members of the community and the organizations who serve them by creating ways for people to work together toward positive change.

Hearts of Rescue

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Spring, TX

Hearts of Rescue restores self-worth, dignity and hope, back into the homeless by providing mobile showers, hygiene necessities and spiritual support to those we encounter.

The GEANCO Foundation

Global, Los Angeles, CA

The GEANCO Foundation conducts surgical missions to help poor, vulnerable pregnant women deliver healthy babies, and provides scholarships to young female victims of terrorism in Nigeria.

Our Streets

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Portland, OR

Our Streets serves folks experiencing housing and food insecurity by providing meals to shelters, free fridges, and other community partners; hosting trash cleanup efforts; and offering scholarships to BIPOC women in STEM, trade school, and to non-U.S. citizens.

Gabrielle's Wings

Children & Family Services, Garnet Valley, PA

Gabrielle's Wings provides elementary-aged children of color in systemically vulnerable communities with the tools they need to soar above their backgrounds, circumstances, family history, or socioeconomic status.

Fund for Advancement of Minorities through Education

Education, Pittsburgh, PA

FAME's mission is to educate, empower and embolden African American youth to become student ambassadors of today, leaders of tomorrow and stewards of their communities by providing access to college preparatory education at participating independent schools in the Greater Pittsburgh area through the provision of need based financial assistance.


Education, Orlando, FL

YesImpact works with families in Haiti, particularly out-of-school children and single mothers to provide support and accompaniment that can have a lasting impact on their lives.

Dreamz Into Goals

Education, LONG BEACH, CA

Dreamz Into Goals (DIG Life) pursues innovative ways to motivate, inspire and cultivate impressionable minds. We provide free tutoring services, a monthly laptop giveaway program, BIG 6 scholarships, support events and referral to counseling resources. All our programs seek to support our youth from “cradle to career” with the aim to turn their dreams into goals.

Museum Hue

Arts & Culture, Brooklyn, NY

Museum Hue is dedicated to uplifting the voices of people of color in the arts and culture field by offering tools and resources in a supportive environment. We celebrate cultural diversity in the arts ecosystem and create pathways for those who need it most in the sector. Museum Hue works to improve the racial inequity in the field and promote people of color’s cultural contributions, artistic practices, and historical narratives.


Community & Economic Development, Washington, DC

BeGreatDC's mission is to empower, educate and engage marginalized communities with a focus on our three pillars: youth education, mental and physical wellness, and community engagement.

Omega Community Development Corporation

Children & Family Services, Dayton, OH

Omega CDC's mission aims to equip individuals, families, and children with the resources, tools, and opportunities to break the cycle of generational poverty and achieve self-sufficiency through education, employment, economic development, and advocacy.

Erzule Paul Foundation

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Miami, FL

Erzule Paul Foundation provides those impacted by poverty, injustice, displacement, and tragedy with clothing, food, and education for self-sufficiency.

Black Down Syndrome Association

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Fortville, IN

Black Down Syndrome Association connects Black families in the down syndrome community with resources to improve their lives in a more meaningful way by addressing inequalities.

Dream North Foundation

Arts & Culture, Cerritos , CA

Dream North Foundation supplies programs for at-risk women and children including rehab assistance, group homes, and societal preparation and placement. Through our Los Angeles-based group home facility, along with our global “Story Time with Dream North & Friends” book reading events, we host a team of diverse women aligned with a common goal to uplift survivors from all around the world!

Kelly Street Garden

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Bronx, NY

Kelly Street Garden provides healthy food and community programming to our local South Bronx residents free of charge.

Juneteenth Legacy Project

Education, Galveston, TX

The Juneteenth Legacy Project is a community-driven initiative recontextualizing Juneteenth as a pivotal moment in US history.

IMPACT Family Center

Media, Chicago, IL

IMPACT Family Center is dedicated to creating change among under-served youth and families living in violence through holistic digital media-based programs with social emotional support that promote racial equity, inclusion, and social justice.

Abundance of Hope Center

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Seattle, WA

Abundance of Hope Center provides equitable, culturally responsive, holistic and person centered homelessness prevention services to youth ages 12-26.

Praisealujah Discipleship

Health, Seattle, WA

Praisealujah is a faith-based treatment facility designed to assist men and women struggling with substance addiction.

I Will Survive

Health, Atlanta, GA

I Will Survive provides economic support, prevention education, and health & wellness services to those at higher risk for, and affected by, breast cancer. Valuing innovation, wellness, and sustainability, their vision is to be the leading breast cancer preventative organization in the world.

Let's Go Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead

Education, Brandon, FL

Let's Go Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead provides exposure to urban youth who lack adequate access to the ever-changing S.T.E.A.M. curriculum while allowing them space to dream and pursue infinite possibilities.

Jacob Way

Children & Family Services, Arlington , TX

Described as a children's charity built on love, Jacob Way advocates for families affected by childhood cancer. They provide free, professional support services to parents and guardians of children affected by cancer to ease the financial and emotional burdens, and to help families focus on healing.

Body Reborn

Health, York, PA

Body Reborn is an intersectional healing community designed to serve Black people recovering from disordered eating and trauma.

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir

Arts & Culture, Oakland, CA

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir inspires joy and unity among all people through Black gospel and spiritual music traditions.

Pawsibilities Vet Med

Education, Cary, NC

Pawsibilities Vet Med proactively increases all forms of diversity within the veterinary profession through mentorship, professional development and resources to all intersecting identities including but not limited to ability, ethnicity, gender identity, non-traditional paths, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, religion, and veteran status.

Sisters Road To Freedom

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Lexington, KY

Sisters Road To Freedom serves families in Lexington, KY regardless of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, disability; and, provides assistance to families in every aspect of their lives through food/clothing banks and empowerment/summer programs.

Sankofa Community Connection

Arts & Culture, Newport, RI

Sankofa Community Connection strives to disrupt inequalities and injustice within our community and schools. Through our work, we bring awareness, encouragement and education to empower our community.

Mama-Tee Community Fridge Project

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Philadelphia, PA

Mama-Tee Community Fridge Project provides nourishing, food to low-income communities that are experiencing food insecurity. We believe that everyone has the right to access healthy, affordable food.

Create Her Foundation

Education, Dallas, TX

CHF provides personal, educational, and financial resources for girls ages 10-17 through mentorship and enrichment programs.

Every Bottom Covered

Health, Buffalo, NY

Every Bottom Covered provides diapers, wipes, and other baby needs to families in Western New York.

Athlete Economic Alliance of Texas

Education, Houston, TX

Athletes Economic Alliance of Texas empowers young people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to become successful in high school and beyond.

Ladies of Hope Ministries

Criminal Justice, New York, NY

Ladies of Hope Ministries empowers women and girls to create sustainable lives post-incarceration.

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Criminal Justice, Orlando, FL

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition is committed to ending the disenfranchisement and discrimination against people with convictions.

Beats Rhymes and Life

Health, Oakland, CA

Beats Rhymes and Life is a community-based organization that grew in response to a critical need for therapeutic programs designed specifically to serve boys and young men of color who as a group demonstrate some of the greatest health and social disparities.

Growing Kings

Education, Birmingham, AL

Growing Kings encourages and facilitates the critcal thinking and positive attitudes of underserved male youth through enrichment, research and advocacy.

Out of Bounds Support

Children & Family Services, Tobyhanna, PA

Out of Bounds Support shows the children of incarcerated parents and youth in placement that love and life have no bounds.

My Brothers and Sisters

Arts & Culture, Pensacola, FL

My Brothers and Sisters uses the arts to mend and nurture family relationships.

Golden Elite Track and Field Club

Athletics, Gonzalez , FL

Golden Elite Track and Field Club uses the sport of track and field to educate our community about the importance of leading a physically active, drug-free lifestyle with integrity and respect for oneself.

Our Body Politic

Media, New York, NY

Our Body Politic is a public radio show and podcast that represents the voices of Black women and women of color in politics and power and disrupts traditional media to better serve democracy.


Community & Economic Development, Richmond, CA

HBCUvc mobilizes the next generation of innovators, investors, and institutions to direct how capital is formed and distributed to Black and historically excluded communities.

HUES Women's Health Advocacy Institute

Health, Beavercreek, OH

HUES Women's Health Advocacy Institute increases and maintains health equity for BIPOC women through advocacy, community conversations, and research.

STEM Greenhouse

Education, Grand Rapids, MI

STEM Greenhouse advances STEM proficiency among the vulnerable student population.

Sisters in Birth Midwifery Clinic

Health, Jackson, MS

Sisters in Birth Midwifery reduces birth disparities among Black mothers and infants in Mississippi.

Private Skool Village

Education, Tampa, FL

Private Skool Village expands private school opportunities for African-American students in Tampa, FL and its surrounding areas.

Ruby Bridges Foundation

Education, Harvey, LA

Ruby Bridges Foundation seeks to end racism and discrimination of all types through working with kids. We guide our youth to find their passion and to take action toward a more harmonious future.

CMWP Foundation, Inc.

Community & Economic Development, New Haven, CT

The CMWP Foundation provides targeted entrepreneurial support for Black and brown business owners nationally.

Black Professionals Association Charitable Foundation

Education, Cleveland, OH

Black Professionals Association Charitable Foundation creates opportunities for African-American professionals by providing scholarship, leadership and career development.

People of Color Outdoors

Environment, Portland, OR

Of the nearly 4 million people living in Oregon, only 74,000 are Black. Most live in Portland, but due to gentrification, there is no Black neighborhood or community. People of Color Outdoors provides Black, Indigenous and People of Color with regular access to natural spaces to reconnect with nature, develop outdoors skills, enjoy environmental education opportunities, and connect with a caring community, outdoors skills and of course, fun!

Black Children's Books and Authors

Arts & Culture, Cordova, TN

BCBA promotes awareness of children's and young adult literature by Black authors.

Step Up For Mental Health

Health, Chicago, IL

Step Up For Mental Health supports, educates and provides services to empower families living with the challenges of mental health disorders.

Creating Coding Careers

Technology, San Diego, CA

Creating Coding Careers is building the front door into tech to create generational wealth through employer driven earn and learn pathways.

Beautiful Spirited Women

Children & Family Services, Memphis , TN

Beautiful Spirited Women is a support group of women whose sole purpose is to uplift women and girls to higher spirits, rebuild, fellowship and assist worldwide.

CNI Solutions

Community & Economic Development, Huntsville , AL

CNI Solutions strengthens families, grows a sustainable regional economy, and cultivates leadership and community unity while fostering respect for all.

National Black Arts Festival

Arts & Culture, Atlanta, GA

NBAF's mission is to expose, educate, engage and entertain audiences as we present and support the art and artists of African descent, enriching cultural experiences.

Pivot Fund

Media, Atlanta, GA

The Pivot Fund invests in BIPOC-led community news through funding, capacity building, trainings, and opportunities for collaborative journalism. Through grantmaking, development support, and strategic consulting, we are disrupting journalism and philanthropy by centering and investing in BIPOC-led, culturally competent news organizations.

Pathways to College

Education, Montclair, NJ

Pathways to College is an after-school program providing information, guidance, and support to help our target population become the best high school students, college applicants, and college students they can be to prepare for lifelong success.

Aspire Achievement Project

Education, Charleston, WV

ASPIRE’s mission is to change the lives of at-risk youth and their communities with enrichment opportunities.

Human Biology

Health, Camden, NJ

Human Biology seeks the interstate eradication of food deserts through culturally competent whole food plant based culinary medicine and patient engagement.

Makhosi Foundation

Arts & Culture, Fallbrook, CA

Makhosi Foundation is a sanctuary dedicated to preserving African indigenous knowledge that aims to decolonize wellness through cultural reclamation as a form of transformative social and environmental justice.

Glass Slipper Foundation

Children & Family Services, Los Angeles, CA

Glass Slipper Foundation produces dedicated responsible educated aspiring and motivated young men women.

Black Farmer Fund

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, New York, NY

Black Farmer Fund nurtures Black community wealth and health by investing in Black agricultural systems in the Northeast.

Sisters of Watts

Community & Economic Development, Los Angeles, CA

SIsters of Watts provides resources and support to local families in immediate need.

Minority Wealth Gap

Community & Economic Development, Toluca Lake, CA

MWG minimizes and eliminates the Wealth Gap through a “War on Poverty” in the Black and Hispanic Community.

Bronze Chapter

Education, Bow, WA

Bronze Chapter creates community at the intersection of identity and the outdoors. We reconnect Black indigenous and people of color to land air and water through outdoor skill sharing and recreation.

Connected To Culture

Community & Economic Development, Washington, DC

Connected to Culture builds stronger communities through cultural exchange by providing tech-enabled tools and resources that will better position creators and makers to connect with the African Diaspora. Through digital literacy, online collaboration, story-telling and travel, Connected to Culture bridges the gap between the Motherland and Diaspora.


Violence Prevention, San Francisco, CA

US 4 US is dedicated to providing a positive influence to the youth in our communities through "real" modeling, community advocacy and community empowerment.

OMG Women Outreaching Women

Education, Winnetka, CA

OMG Women Outreaching Women works to help Black women reach higher levels of success. We are joined in faith, creating a safe community for Black women allowing them a place to speak openly and to communicate their experiences among each other and to the public.

Private School Village

Education, Sherman Oaks, CA

Private School Village cultivates and harnesses the power of community to positively transform the private school experience for Black and brown families so that students fully thrive. PSV empowers parent engagement to instill student well-being, normalizes inclusive and equitable communities, and encourages lasting systemic and institutional policy and process change that will impact a student's healthy development.

Musical Expressions Experience

Arts & Culture, Jackson, MS

Musical Expressions Experience provides youth with a healthy and artistic experience of music and art learning.

Student Global Ambassador Program (SGAP Leaders)

Education, Rockville, MD

SGAP Leadersis a leadership program that empowers underserved youth (ages 13-18) to take action on real-world problems by using STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to solve sustainability and social justice challenges.

MODArts Dance Collective

Arts & Culture, New York, NY

MADC utilizes movement as the catalyst to increase IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, & access) as a form of resistance and liberation for Black and brown people nationwide.

We Are Family Home Care Services

Health, Atmore, AL

We Are Family Home Care is a Christian in-home care agency currently serving Baldwin, Escambia and Mobile counties in Alabama.

Race and Gender Equity Project

Community & Economic Development, Sacramento, CA

Race and Gender Equity Project harnesses the power of individual and collective transformation through healing, education, advocacy and research.


Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Stockbridge, GA

CARRY provides local, and national services with charitable and educational purposes to make a difference in the lives of children in poverty.

HYPE Freedom School

Education, Houston, TX

HYPE Freedom School provides positive youth development services that enhance the lives of children who most need and yet family can least afford out of school time learning opportunities. With an integrated reading curriculum that includes conflict resolution, problem solving and social action, HYPE helps scholars build self-efficacy and confidence in their learning abilities

Promised Fibers

Arts & Culture, Philadelphia, PA

Promised Fibers is committed to accessibility and inclusion in the fiber arts. We aim to make fiber arts accessible to all through generosity, collaboration, and a commitment to equity.

We Hike to Heal

Health, Atlanta, GA

We Hike to Heal, Inc is a hybrid health organization that combines the healing tenets of outdoor activity with mindful meditation and introspective journaling.

Princess N Training - The Princess Program

Education, 280 McGiboney Lane , GA

Our purpose is to create a bright path for future queens through monthly meetings, community service, community resources, and much more. Ours girls have discuss everyday topics.

SALT Foundation, Inc.

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Jersey City, NJ

SALT. Foundation mission is to preserve food and family by rescuing healthy food that would otherwise be wasted and distribute to individuals, families and communities.

Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative

Community & Economic Development, Atlanta, GA

AWBI exists to make shared prosperity the Atlanta way by supporting the engagement, capacity, and leadership necessary to address Atlanta’s racial wealth divide.

TheEduProject, LLC

Education, Baton Rouge, LA

Through professionally workshops and personalized designed units; Our mission is to give students opportunities to use their curiosity, to imagine, and discover their interest and passions.

The Next IT Girl

Technology, Summerville, SC

changing the face of technology. we're bridging the gap by connecting students, technologies, academia, and businesses to create an ecosystem of innovation and drive the change we need to see in tech.

Opal's Heart

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Oakland, MD

Opal's Heart provides dignity to the unhoused community one Care Bag at a time.

Sisters Empowering Women, Inc.

Children & Family Services, Riverview, FL

To support at-risk teenage girls in their journey to adulthood - teaching them how to communicate effectively, advocate for themselves, guard their mental health and value their voice.

Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E, Inc.

Education, Brooklyn, NY

Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E, Inc. is a humanitarian organization focusing on improving education, health, sanitation and economic systems one community at a time in Africa and the Caribbean

We Uplift The World Foundation

Education, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The WUTW Foundation mission is to create sustainable, positive change in the world through art, technology, entertainment, and education. We help young creatives cultivate and monetize their talents.

The Empowered Lounge Foundation

Children & Family Services, Norfolk, VA

The Empowered Lounge Foundation “EMPOWER” families one at a time to transition the world right side up!

Safe Haven Kids League of California City

Community & Economic Development, California City, CA

Safe Haven Kid’s League of California City is dedicated to providing after-school programs for elementary school and middle school Tweens living in the greater California City area.

Rebelle With A Cause

Children & Family Services, Burtonsville, MD

we support survivors to own their narrative and define their unique traits to express their personal beauty own their healing journey of self-validation and building healthier relationships.

KISA Public Radio

Education, Atlanta, GA

KISA Public Radio's mission is to transform the lives of children one podcast at a time through reading, writing and storytelling.

Maskmission Inc.

Health, Miami, FL

The purpose of maskmission is to improve the health and well being of the most vulnerable and underserved populations by providing emergency relief and support.

Girls For Gender Equity

Gender Equity, Brookyln, NY

Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) works through a Black feminist lens to achieve gender and racial justice by centering the leadership of Black girls and gender-expansive young people of color.

Soul Trak Outdoors

Environment, Washington, DC, DC

Soul Trak Outdoors connects communities of color to the outdoors, with the goal of cultivating the next generation of Black and brown outdoors stewards.

Elmcor Youth & Adult Activities

Community & Economic Development, Corona, NY

To foster positive life changes in members of the community through skills development that leads to self-sufficiency, a sense of accountability and a strong empowered community

Black Women Benefit

Gender Equity, Baltimore, MD

Black Women Benefit embraces, empowers, and invests in Black women. We achieve our mission through free mental health resources and financial awards to Black women.


Education, Marietta , GA

Blacks United for Youth, Inc. (BUY-COBB) provides mentoring, leadership development, scholarships, and community services for the youth of Cobb County and the communities of greater Atlanta.

Young Leaders Strong City

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Mesquite, Texas, TX

young leaders, strong city's mission is to educate, equip and activate a community of youth leaders prepared to realize their visions for racial justice and equity.

Journey to Josiah

Children & Family Services, Sparrows Point, MD

Journey to Josiah inspires, educates and connects families and the community at large about the gift of adoption and fostering of children.

Opportunity 1888 Foundation, Inc.

Arts & Culture, Jefferson City, MO

Preserve the Harrison School, built in 1890 for educating children of African descent; Operate a museum of African American history; Inspire and empower people to preserve their histories.

The Firecracker Foundation

Children & Family Services, Holt, MI

The Firecracker Foundation honors the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma by building a community invested in the healing of their whole being.


Children & Family Services, Garland, TX

202Love is focused on helping African American teens navigate their today and prepare for tomorrow through programs and sessions focused on self esteem, mental health and college prep to name a few.

Rooted Friends Project

Community & Economic Development, 14400 S Aviation Blvd Unit 214, CA

Rooted Friends Project is a black and latinx founded nonprofit. Our mission is to enrich the lives of underrepresented children by providing access to resources.

Akoma Cares

Education, Columbia, SC

501c3 Nonprofit Homeschool Community Resource Center offering opportunities for enrichment, education, and representation for homeschooling families of the African Diaspora.

Lampblack Literary Foundation

Arts & Culture, Brooklyn, NY

Lampblack is committed to the advancement of Black literature through direct aid, programs for writers and readers of Black literature, and a magazine dedicated to voices from the Black diaspora.

Tumaini DC, INC

Education, Washington, DC

The mission to tumaini dc, inc. is to transform communities and schools through culturally responsive, trauma informed, and healing centered social and emotional learning curricula and programming.

Helping the Multitude Incorporated

Food Justice & Hunger Prevention, Austell, GA

HTM, Inc. provides innovative mitigation outlets to bring awareness and resources to those underserved, food insecure, and impacted by disasters to aid in self-sufficiency and lend a helping hand.

SOAR Outreach

Children & Family Services, Garner, NC

Our mission to promote health equity and provide low-income and homeless families and youth in Wake County, NC by ensuring they have equal access to basic personal care items and hygiene education.

JWC Foundation

Community & Economic Development, Richmond, VA

supports black business owners in the Richmond, Virginia region by providing small business training, individualized business coaching, technical support and funding.

Bria T. Chism Foundation

Health, Raytown, MO

Bria T. Chism Foundation Mission Statement The Bria T. Chism Foundation seeks to increase the number of minorities on the National Marrow Donor Program, to increase the survival rate

The HEB Foundation

Violence Prevention, Indian Head, MD

Our mission is to decrease gun violence through community outreach, educational programs, economic development, and social reconstruction. THF focuses primarily on the youth impacted by gun violence.

Love Beyond Limits

Children & Family Services, Long Beach, CA

Love Beyond Limits provides exceptional enrichment and leadership development opportunities to youth nationwide. We offer youth an opportunity to create and mold their own unique experiences through our wide range of educational and leadership activities and resources.

Thrive By Any Means Necessary

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Dearborn Heights, MI

Thrive By Any Means Necessary strives to eliminate barriers for those in need while simultaneously establishing a community that flourishes as we protect life expectancy through removing poverty and attaining social justice.

Sister Cities Project

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, San Diego, CA

Sister Cities Project creates formal partnerships between affluent communities and underserved communities to create programs and events that allow the two areas to build a true relationships.

Culture Encounters (formerly Next Star Arts Program)

Arts & Culture, Henrico , VA

we are dedicated to offering opportunities for children to encounter cultures from around the world using the arts, shared experiences and conversations as a tool.

On The Road with PartnerCafe

Children & Family Services, University Place, WA

On The Road with PartnerCafe is a direct service mobile team of social and human service professionals that hosts resource tables at events in Pierce and Thurston County and coordinates with community partners to help individuals connect to services they need.

Precious Unique Womens Foundation

Children & Family Services, Lawrenceville, GA

Our mission is to provide a maternity safe haven home, a village, providing education, counseling, employment, while changing the trajectory of their lives.

The Killough Legacy

Community & Economic Development, Hockley, TX

Our mission is to provide supportive services in underserved minority communities, offering support for low-income families, mentorship programs for at-risk youth, and mental health awareness.

Saving A Life

Health, Los Angeles, CA

Saving A Life helps those who have suffered from suicidality and mental illness heal. Along the way we are saving as many lives as possible. We are creating a village and community for others to come together in the celebration of life, healing, and resilience.

Art Prevails Project

Arts & Culture, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Art Prevails Project is committed to cultivating community through ensuring equitable access to artistic and cultural programming and education.

Career Fund Solutions, Inc.

Education, Missouri City, TX

Our mission is vocational innovation. By providing resources and assistance to youth for vocational training, we help to expand job opportunities for a historically under-served community.

Academy for Technologists Extraordinaire, Inc

Technology, Cincinnati, OH

build a pipeline of minority youth for technology careers

True Colors Theatre Company

Arts & Culture, Atlanta, GA

The mission of True Colors Theatre Company is to celebrate the rich tradition of Black storytelling while giving voice to bold artists of all cultures.

Project Jumpstart

Children & Family Services, Torrance, CA

Project Jumpstart empowers and encourages teen parents, homeless youth, and young adults by promoting healthy living, academic achievements, career development and financial literacy.

Fit to the Core

Health, East Menlo Park, CA

Fit to the Core is committed to improving overall health and fitness of people in under-resourced communities. We are an organization that focuses on promoting an active lifestyle among the aging population through our fitness programs.

Kadiwaku Foundation USA

Immigrant & Refugee Assistance, Bridgeport, CT

Our mission is to provide refugees and immigrants with the platform and resources they need to thrive.

People's Advocacy Institute

Criminal Justice, Jackson, MS

PAI equips people with tools to disrupt the criminal and juvenile systems and create a new system founded in human justice, restoration and individual and collective healing.

Parlor City Presents

Arts & Culture, Vestal, NY

Parlor City Presents develops and promotes multicultural visual and performing arts, music and film programming as well as results-oriented after school arts-in-education programming.

Mamatoto Village

Health, Washington, DC

Mamatoto village is devoted to serving black women through the creation of career pathways in maternal health; and providing accessible perinatal support services.

Detroit Association of Women’s Clubs, Inc.

Clubs & Associations, Detroit, MI

Detroit Association of Women’s Clubs, Inc. is a women-focused non-profit dedicated to community advancement through outreach for all ages. Our historic mission is to Lift As We Climb.

Centre Hospitalier de Fontaine Foundation

Health, Atlanta , GA

We create partnerships between underfunded schools and hospitals serving low income, marginalized, underserved, underdeveloped Haitian communities globally through a strong network of partners


Careers, Berkeley, CA

Colorwave helps to reduce America’s racial wealth gap by connecting underrepresented professionals to opportunities in the innovation economy.

Crafting the Future

Arts & Culture, Los Angeles, CA

CTF seeks to diversify the fields of arts, craft, and design by providing financial assistance to BIPOC artists to attend workshops, internships, artists in residency and other opportunities.

Yeah, Art!

Education, Oakland, CA

Yeah, Art! is making arts education for a new generation that is more equitable by working artists to underfunded schools to lead art workshops.

National Perinatal Task Force a program of Commonsense Childbirth Inc.

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Winter Garden, FL

nptf is a grassroots movement to grow perinatal safe spots in ‘materno-toxic areas’ in the US, in order to eliminate racial and class disparities in birth outcomes, while creating equity and power.

Legally BLK Fund, Inc.

Careers, Dover, DE

The Legally BLK Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the representation of Black women in the legal profession by providing mentorship, annual scholarships, and programming.

Black Sisters in STEM

Community & Economic Development, San Francisco , CA

Black Sisters in STEM (Black SiS) is on a mission to build the largest talent pipeline of Black college women in STEM while preparing them with culture competency, technical skillset and inclusive leadership skills to meet the demands of the emergent workforce.

New Jersey Black Women Physicians Association

Health, Ocean Grove , NJ

The New Jersey Black Women Physicians Association is a nonprofit organization of Black women physicians dedicated to advocacy, community education and mentorship for the elimination of disparities.

African American Diabetes Association

Health, Roxbury, MA

The African American Diabetes Association educates African Americans about diabetes and health disparities.

Girl Plus Environment

Environment, Atlanta, GA

Formally known as Millennials 4 Environmental Justice, Girls Plus Environment educates, engages, and empowers Black and Brown girls, women, and non-binary individuals to stand up for environmental justice in their neighborhoods.

South Florida People of Color

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Miami, FL

Committed to racial healing and dismantling racism in all its forms - individual, institutional and systemic - through education, dialogue and advocacy across the racial, ethnic and cultural divides.

Pro-Black Pro-Life

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Oberlin, OH

Pro-Black Pro-Life’s goal is to engage black communities for action regarding the issue of life and to ultimately, transform thought.

The Village Method

Education, Union City ,

Village Method connects African-American youth and their families with local businesses, government, cultural institutions, and support services, so that they may achieve their full potential. Our programs reach the underserved Black youth and families of suburban South Alameda County, creating a holistic cycle where students progress to college, careers, and return to give back to their community

Edison Arts Foundation

Community & Economic Development, Missouri City, TX

The Edison Arts Foundation is transforming a blighted building into a cultural arts district to highlight black artists, give voice and space to black culture, and for comprehensive community revitalization.

Future Successors

Education, Atlanta, GA

Mission: Position inner city youth to win in the Business World 🌍

The Dock Ellis Foundation inc

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Las Vegas , NV

to create awareness among the victims of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in minority communities.

Advancing The Seed, Inc.

Community & Economic Development, La Mirada, CA

Our mission is to develop strong leaders for business and community engagement so that they can create financial stability for themselves, their families, and their communities. (We work with 18-26.)

Liberation Ventures

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Oakland, CA

Liberation Ventures is a field catalyst fueling the Black-led movement for racial repair in the U.S. LV supports the ecosystem of organizations working on truth, reconciliation, and reparations.

G.IRL | Compton G.IRLS Club

Children & Family Services, Los Angeles, CA

Being a girl from the hood can be tough. Through exposure to self-care practices, new skills, and new hobbies, Compton G.IRLS Club aims to expose Compton's girls and gender nonconforming youth to activities they can utilize to take care of themselves.

Master-Pieced Inc

Immigrant & Refugee Assistance, Lexington, KY

Build community, empower and educate immigrants and minorities (BIPOC) to discover their full potential, aspire and be transformed by getting connected to the right resources so they can succeed

Brothers For Change

Community & Economic Development, San Francisco, CA

Through determination and self reliance within an empowering community, Brothers for Change hopes to strengthen and develop the character of fathers within the African American community to allow them to practice parenthood.

Spark Reproductive Justice Now Inc.

LGBTQIA+, Atlanta, GA

SPARK serves as an entry point and leadership pipeline for new social justice leaders, and a political home for Black women and young people, centering Black queer women, trans folx and folx living outside the gender binary.

The AFIYA Center

Health, Dallas, TX

The AFIYA Center transforms the lives, health, and overall wellbeing of Black womxn and girls by providing refuge, education, and resources; we act to ignite the communal voices of Black womxn resulting in our full achievement of reproductive freedom.


Health, Memphis, TN

SisterReach empowers their community to lead healthy lives, raise healthy families, and live in healthy and sustainable communities through education, policy and advocacy, cultural shift, and harm reduction.

New Voices For Reproductive Justice

Gender Equity, Pittsburgh, PA

New Voices for Reproductive Justice is dedicated to transforming society for the holistic health and wellbeing of Black women, girls and gender expansive people, nationally and in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Interfaith Voices for Reproductive Justice

Health, Mableton, GA

IVRJ is an organization of interfaith and progressive voices working to create transformative theological narratives that center the moral authority of black women and girls.

Black Women For Wellness

Health, Los Angeles , CA

Black Women for wellness is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education , empowerment and advocacy.


Technology, Fredericksburg , VA

BlackGirlsHack was created to share knowledge and resources to help black girls and women breakthrough barriers to careers in information security and cyber security.

DewMore Baltimore

Arts & Culture, Baltimore, MD

DewMore uses poetry as a platform and as a tool to build strong young people who become leaders in their community. Young people with poetry and perspective become the catalyst for the change they want to see in their Baltimore. When empowered to process experiences through the spoken word, these dynamic voices can call out social injustices and bring forth powerful change.

The F.I.N.D. Design

Children & Family Services, Nashville, TN

To mitigate the effects of systemic and personal trauma on Black girls, and other girls of color by providing safe spaces for healing, mentorships, and programming that transform their mental health.

Women of Noble Character

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Victorville, CA

Women of Noble Character empowers individuals experiencing homelessness and/or hunger in the high desert by providing the basic necessities for survival and supplying them with tools to regain self-sufficiency

Beautiful Ventures

Arts & Culture, Atlanta, GA

Beautiful Ventures is a creative social enterprise that influences popular culture, disrupts anti-blackness and elevates perceptions of Black humanity.

United Colors of Cancer

Health, Riverside , CA

A global nonprofit organization committed to addressing the unmet social, cultural, and medical needs of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) cancer community.

Foundation for Development Planning

Community & Economic Development, St. Thomas, VI

The Foundation for Development Planning engages with relevant stakeholders to foster sustainable development in the Caribbean, integrating social, economic, and environmental dimensions. The Foundation carries out sustainable development planning, research, and programs focused on Caribbean communities.


Arts & Culture, Grandville, MI

Sharing the stories of young people of color. 300 at a time.

Zuri’s Circle

Poverty Prevention & Homelessness Services, Peoria, AZ

Zuri’s Circle provides temporary support to families, individuals, youth, elderly and homeless during unforeseen circumstances.

We Are Better Together Warren Daniel Hairston Project

Violence Prevention, Boston, MA

We Are Better Together Warren Daniel Hairston Project connects and heals women and girls affected by homicide and incarceration to prevent the cycles of violence and victimization.

Bikes for a Better Future

Community & Economic Development, Boynton Beach , FL

bikes for a better future is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides bicycles to people who don't have transportation. our donated bicycles help recipients get jobs, go to school, and buy groceries.

The Branch Family Institute

Health, Chicago , IL

The Branch Family Institute provides culturally-relevant clinical mental health services to communities impacted by the injustices of poverty, oppression, and racism.

Out For Good Behavioral Services, Inc.

Health, Dorchester, MA

The mission of Out For Good Behavioral Services, Inc. is to help integrate Adults and Adolescents who struggle with substance abuse and Mental Health who and were formerly incarcerated.

Northeast STEM Starter Academy at Mt. Vernon

Education, Tuckahoe, NY

Provide Mt. Vernon public schools access & exposure to enhanced, challenging STEM learning that, when coupled with hard work & persistence, will allow them to break through & achieve life success.

Empower yourself ltd

Education, Brockton, MA

Empower yourself educates our youth in middle & high school financial & economic literacy and STEM & Aviation. We do this though our yearlong programs that culminate in Economic & STEM competitions.

Represented Foundation

Careers, Brooklyn, NY

Represented Foundation is Brooklyn-based nonprofit investing in the development of Black and Brown social entrepreneurs.

Center for Common Ground

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Ruther Glen, VA

Center for Common Ground was founded to educate and empower under-represented voters in voter suppression states to engage in elections and advocate for their right to vote.

Beyond Adornment Club

Education, Los Angeles, CA

Beyond Adornment Club is the first book club and sis-STAR circle for Black elementary aged girls with an aim to eradicate illiteracy for Black elementary girls globally by 2031.

Tegaru Disaster Relief Fund

Disaster Prevention, Katy, TX

Tegaru Disaster Relief Fund works to provide urgent humanitarian relief and development assistance to communities across Tigray (Ethiopia).

African Community Housing and Development

Immigrant & Refugee Assistance, SeaTac, WA

African Community Housing and Development provides opportunities for African Diaspora immigrant and refugee communities, families, and individuals in King County to attain health and housing stability, economic development, high-quality education, and referrals to legal services.

Power News Radio Network

Media, Pittsburgh, PA

The Power News Radio Network is on mission to provide daily factual Black and general news information to Black owned radio stations and other digital platforms in need of the content we deliver.

The Network Incubator

Community & Economic Development, Richmond, VA

The Network Incubator is a creative think tank for business ideas for entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals to Connect, Create, & Collaborate to brainstorm business ideas and solutions within dynamic group settings.

Women's Equity Center and Action Network (WE CAN)

Gender Equity, College Park, MD

To educate, engage and activate multicultural women of color to lead social change efforts locally and nationally through civic engagement, voting rights, advocacy campaigns, and policy action teams.

Ella Bebe Angels

Violence Prevention, Olive Branch , MS

Healing Survivors from the effects of domestic violence

Sesame Flyers International, Inc.

Children & Family Services, Brooklyn, NY

Sesame Flyers is a multi-service agency that provides a range of youth development, cultural programming, and social services to individuals and families residing in Brooklyn.

Red Door Project

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Portland, OR

Our mission is to leverage the power of stories to change our social ecology and effect systemic change. We are focused on the conflict between our justice systems and the communities they serve.

Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians

Arts & Culture, Chicago, IL

The AACM is a non-profit organization and a collective of composers and musicians dedicated to nurturing, performing and recording high artistic level programs designed to magnify creative music.