Remembering Bill Russell

Bill Russell holds his face, his fingers adorned with NBA Championship rings.

Giving Gap extends our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of NBA and civil rights legend, Bill Russell, as they mourn his recent passing.⁠

Prosecutor Impact

Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Boston, MA

Prosecutor Impact seeks to improve outcomes for the millions of people impacted by the U.S. criminal justice system.

New England Blacks in Philanthropy

Benefactors, Boston, MA

The mission of New England Blacks in Philanthropy is to inform, reform and transform the practice of philanthropy. Our goal is to increase the assets and power of Black philanthropy and communities.

Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians

Arts & Culture, Chicago, IL

The AACM is a non-profit organization and a collective of composers and musicians dedicated to nurturing, performing and recording high artistic level programs designed to magnify creative music.

Museum of African American History

Arts & Culture, Boston, MA

The Museum of African American History's mission is to inspire all generations to embrace and interpret the authentic stories of New Englanders of African descent, and those who found common cause with them, in their quest for freedom and justice.

Black Economic Council of Massachusetts

Community & Economic Development, Boston, MA

Black Economic Council of Massachusetts' mission is to advance the economic well being of Black businesses, organizations that serve Black communities, and Black residents of Massachusetts.

Single Family Living

Children & Family Services, Detroit, MI

Single Family Living empowers, mentors, and inspires children from single parent homes. Our areas of focus are irradicating poverty, overcoming functional illiteracy, stabilizing financial equity in housing, and mobilizing equal learning globally.


Civil Rights & Racial Justice, Boston, MA

Vot-ER uses healthcare settings as a place to register folks to vote or help them get their mail in ballot.

BAMS Fest Inc.

Arts & Culture, Boston, MA

Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest Inc. is an award-winning nonprofit focused on creating economic development opportunities for Greater Boston’s BIPOC creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Black Women in Technology

Technology, Harrisburg, PA

Black Women in Technology encourages Black women and other women of color to enter careers in technology.