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Two young Black women smile at something off camera. One woman is in focus. The other is out-of-focus.

Five Black-Founded Nonprofits Empowering and Advocating for Youth in Nevada

These nonprofits are fostering growth, breaking barriers, and paving the way for a brighter, more equitable future for the youth of Nevada. Delve into their remarkable journeys of empowerment and discover the incredible impact they're making, one young life at a time.

Learn more about these organizations

A young Black girls sniffs the bundle of yellow flowers she has in her hand.

Juneteenth: A Call to Action for Donors

Donors can use this occasion to discover and support Black-founded and Black-led nonprofits doing impactful work often under difficult circumstances.

Donate to Black-founded nonprofits in support of Juneteenth

A young Black woman holds a rainbow flag behind her back. She's wearing sunglasses and looks cool in the summer sun.

Giving Gap is committed to the LGBTQIA+ community before, during, and after Pride.

In recognition of Pride, we have provided a few lists to help you explore and support incredible, Black-founded LGBTQIA+ nonprofits.

Explore Black-founded LGBTQIA+ nonprofit organizations

A garage door painted with the masked face of Darth Vader

Black-founded Nonprofits Celebrating Arts and Sciences

We’re taking the time to go beyond the fandom of Star Wars to celebrate organizations that champion the arts and sciences for their communities.

"Do or do not. There is no try."

Chris Tucker wearing a crisp, white dress shirt with a deep, chocolate jacket, poses while standing for the camera. There is an added lavender frame around the photo.

Giving Gap Celebrates 1,000+ Black-founded Nonprofits Milestone

In early March 2023, Giving Gap hosted a virtual celebration to mark surpassing over 1,000 Black-founded nonprofits on its platform.

Relive the celebration with actor and foundation-founder, Chris Tucker

Bill Russell holds his face, his fingers adorned with NBA Championship rings.

Remembering Bill Russell

Giving Gap extends our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of NBA and civil rights legend, Bill Russell, as they mourn his recent passing.⁠

Boston-based, Black-founded nonprofits you can donate to in his honor

A Black woman reviewing an at-home pregnancy test. The test is in her left hand and a glass of orange juice is in her right hand.

Support These Organizations Focused On Reproductive Rights

Reproductive health is a racial justice issue. Black-founded organizations are on the ground fighting for our rights and providing care in communities.

Support these organizations focused on reproductive rights