Giving Gap Celebrates 1,000+ Black-founded Nonprofits Milestone

In early March 2023, Giving Gap hosted a virtual celebration to mark surpassing over 1,000 Black-founded nonprofits on its platform.

Co-founder and Board Chair Christina Lewis provided opening remarks detailing the origins of Giving Gap, sharing how her spreadsheet of Black-founded nonprofits went viral in the wake of the Black Lives Matter uprising and became the basis of Giving Gap's robust platform.

Since launching in September 2020, Giving Gap has made it possible for over 50,000 users to collectively donate over $2 million to its partner organizations.

At the time of the event, Giving Gap had vetted and cataloged 1,194 nonprofits ranging from animal shelters to violence prevention programs. Sixty-one percent of all these organizations were founded by Black women and 61% of groups reported annual revenue under $250,000.

Christina Lewis and Chris Tucker discuss Giving Gap and Black-founded nonprofits

Christina Lewis and Chris Tucker discuss the work of Black-founded nonprofits and foundations.


There were testimonials from two Giving Gap users. Beth Kanter with the San Jose Women in Business for Good Giving Circle, shared how they used Giving Gap to explore BIPOC-led and serving organizations in San Jose. The Circle found PARTI (Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact Program) whose mission is to help youth suffering from bullying, depression, violent lifestyles, unhealthy relationships, and unstable families.

We wanted to support smaller, BIPOC-led and serving organizations. We wanted organizations where this relatively small amount of money could make a big difference and have more impact than if we donated to a larger organization.

— Beth Kanter, member of the San Jose Women in Business for Good giving circle and author of The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in an Automated World

Another user, Tom Schmitt from Skyward Specialty Insurance, recounted how his company was moved by Giving Gap’s mission to build a movement of equitable funding and elected to honor this work during Black History Month with a donation.

Finally, actor/comedian and foundation founder, Chris Tucker joined the celebration to discuss the creation of The Chris Tucker Foundation, the importance of giving Black and his latest movie Air which tells the story of Mike Jordan's shoe deal with Nike.

You see something you care about, you just do it.

— Chris Tucker, on how he directs the efforts of his foundation.

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Looking Forward to the Next 1,000

Giving Gap is grateful to the community and will continue working to mobilize more funds and support the inclusion of even more Black-founded nonprofits.

Together, we can #CloseTheGivingGap.